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NON-TOXIC Aquatic Weed Management Advocates

SMART - Sensible Management of Aquatic Resources Together



S.M.A.R.T. is a non-profit organization formed by anglers, enrivonmentalists and industry leaders to improve and protect our fisheries and the environment of this great country.

S.M.A.R.T. will do what is necessary to accomplish our goals. This includes educating and informing  interested parties - particularly governmental agencies, corporate boards and the news media.

With our boards' history and experience in protection of our resources, S.M.A.R.T. with its' advocates, will defend and promote clean air, water, fisheries and fisheries habitat.


Fisheries biologists agree that healthy aquatic ecosystems need approximately 40% aquatic vegetation coverage.

Anglers agree that aquatic weeds need to be controlled.  What they don't agree on is using "Toxic Chemicals" to control them or complete eradication.  There are other ways to deal with this issue.

Smart management programs use a variety of other means of controlling unwanted vegetation.  One such means is "Mechanical Harvesters." 

Most lakes need aquatic vegetation to filter the water and control bottom erosion.

Eradication leaves a lake without any vegetation for habitat or filtration.   After a few years the lakes are taken over with "Algae Bloom" and become murky and are unhealthy fisheries and siltration is dramatically accelerated.

Our membership in Texas includes over 300,000 from 26 member organizations.   Member organizations are Bass Clubs, Clean Water and Air Organizations and Conservation Organizations.

We are looking for groups in other states interested in organizing more state chapters.

Please join us in our campaign to keeping our lakes and rivers clean a healthy.

Membership is FREE.



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